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Today in the car going to Grand Rapids to get Phil’s scooter repaired, I saw the name tag with my name on it. Stuck to the window armrest.


As Phil drove us there, it occurred to me. What if I’d been known as Annie all my life instead of Pam?

I mentioned this to Phil on the way home. And he, like myself, agreed that Annie sounds much friendlier. When your name is called, Annie comes across so differently than Pam.

By the way, it was a set damaged batteries and they replaced them for far less than we expected. So Phil now

has wheels again!

Thankful to small favors.

So I think today I’m going to look up about names. Not just Pam or Annie. But about the emotional perception of names. Of who we are according to the physical name we’re called by. Not our given name. Name on our birth and death certificates, SS card, driver’s and marriage licenses etc.

Why I took my middle name. Ann. To give a name to my art in 1999 for a artist brochure Phil and David were creating for me. Annie’s Arc. The Rainbow. The symbol of Peace from God after The Flood for humans to see. And a reminder that all life was given that promise too.

Funny! I never have pondered this before. I’ve wished I’d been called Annie as a child. But not about how I’d have been treated and accepted if I’d been known as Annie instead of Pam.

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