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Artificial Flowers

Updated: May 4, 2021

My spelling is so bad! My husband Phil and I do a simple crossword puzzle in the newspaper every morning. And it is a source of humor for him to see how creative my spelling will be. Glad I can make him laugh.

I’m going to take some pictures after I finish this blog. Pictures of all the artificial flowers I have in our home. They are all over the place. Some better than others. But surely much more real now than when I was young.

It’s been a strange journey with these shells. Not quite real. Not quite artificial.

Just like the flowers of plastic and silk, time has improved my shells. I look at the ones I did 25 years ago and I’m shocked! They are so crude! I wrote an essay a few weeks ago on the concept of perfect. This fits my shells.

So like the 4 minute mile!

The record was broken when I was a kid. I think. After that, only mili seconds could be shaved off.

Once I got it, I have continued to get a bit closer to perfection. But I’d be hard pressed to be able to distinguish between shells I made 10 years ago from the ones I create now.

Now it’s all about how to display them. How to do others things with them.

I’m like an artist with paint. Each brush stroke, a shell.

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