Holland Color

Phil is in the bedroom taking a nap. April 27, 2020, overcast and almost 50 degrees out. Good time to write some thoughts on color.

I turned on an old PBS program of Bob Ross painting. Four baby fox squirrels climbing all over him and a friend. So many of us, so alike. Now painting a happy scene.

The title of his show. Happy Painting. Of course! Just heard him say, “Indian Yellow”. His paintings are all about diverse colors playing together.

I was so lucky as a young child. My Pop was a chemist for US Rubber during WWII where I was born in 1943. We moved back to Holland after the war and he got a job right away at Holland Color. His goal now was to develop pigments for the auto industry of Detroit. The very town we’d just left.

At a young age, I so often went with him to the lab. A lab full of all the stuff necessary to create all the colors of the rainbow.

I was like a tiny Bobwhite Quail that had just exited its calcium carbonate shell that had once held it safe.

Now, free to imprint on all the colors of the rainbow in the lab.

I bought this color wheel from the owner of the Color House when they closed

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