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I See You

“So powerful is the Light of Unity that It can illumine the whole world.” - Baha’i

Sitting here pondering our world and the Dilemma we’re in together, I again come back to this statement of the Baha’i Faith.

Kent, Sharon and I. Together. Saw this.

Dogmas, like pigment, together create Mud. Uniformity.

But, spiritual knowing that each of us carry from our unique perspectives, are like ……. I need a word. For separate yet one. At the same time. UNITY/LIGHT!

Physics. Light. Particle or a wave.

I also need a word for what Humans have done to their Earth Mother and all Her Children. No word. Either.

So you ask about needing words. Why metaphors are so important, vital, necessary to express “things” that a single word is unable to convey.

Tlingit. E-Shawn. I cannot explain this word. You’d have to live in Yakutat. Live Tlingit. Be adopted. To know this word.

It is as if The Creator is saying this to us all. At the same time. E-Shawn.

Like a teenager that’s got himself into a Gordian Knot and cannot see any way out. But won’t admit it. Too prideful. Like the prodigal son. The Vision. All about letting go of our pride.

a proverbial term for a problem solvable only by bold action
The Gordion Knot

So each ray from the sun is each of us. Separate yet together. Each of us a soul. A part of the One Soul. No word either for separate yet one. Except Unity.

We hear the concept now of full spectrum light. To see with.

As an artist who is extremely focused on color and seeing as well as possible, I Get It!

With a full spectrum light I can see the best to create my shells and animals. And also for the ones seeing my soul and the animal soul United in my polymer clay. My companion best. With full spectrum light too.

A few people are able to really see our united soul when they look at them. In the movie “Avatar” it is expressed so well. “I see you!” I so appreciate when that happens and myself and this person are United. Like a person playing a violin. Unity of the composer, violin maker, the wood. The strings. And so on. And then the person hearing. United.

So remember this! As Bahais when we speak of Unity realize that The Unity we strive for is Full Spectrum Unity.

The more complete Our Unity, the better we will be able like in “Oh God!” the movie to SEE solutions to our collective dilemmas that are really One Dilemma.

Hearing The Great Mystery saying

E-Shawn to us all.

Written September 28, 2021. Phil in the hospital.

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