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My name is Helix, The Snail

Updated: May 4, 2021

My mom would have turned 101 today. If she were alive. So I celebrate her birthday with this, my first musing.

The seven muses of Greek mythology. For the arts. The Hidden Force that has generated The Arts for humankind. I suspect the Cave Painters were well aware of the muses way before the Greeks. So blogging or musing can be a kind of free association of sorts. So with that said, here's my first musing.

Today I did the Sunday crossword. Essence is the first clue across and the answer turns out to be pith-a little used word. And then the downward clue is spirals. Helixes fits the seven spaces I'm given.

I didn't get it right away. It was too obvious. The obvious being the hardest to see.

My new website will open up in a few days. And here's this crossword puzzle with Essence and Spiral right there. And a few days ago a tiny garden snail appeared as if by magic on the side of the container of my miniature ficus tree. All dried out. I gave it a drop of water and life reappeared.

Odd! Strange! A life full of synchronicity. Cheering me on. Saying, “you’re on the right path.”

So I knew she/he needed a name. And an hour later it hit me. The obvious. Helix, the Snail. Like Felix, the Cat of my childhood.

I'll turn 76 two days from now. And writing as if I'm only 7 years old. With a pet snail called Helix.

I suspect this musing will cause smiles.

Behind every smile is a tear, and behind every tear is a smile.

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