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Tangled Facetime

Updated: May 4, 2021

The other day, thanks to all this modern technology, I was able to see and talk to my great granddaughter Lorna up in Alaska yesterday. FaceTime! Who would have known we’d be able to do this? She’s not quite 4 years old. About the same age I was when I sat in that soft, comfortable chair in my bedroom untangling my shoe laces.

So it made sense to tell Lorna about a story of what I when I was her age. I started with asking her if she knew what shoe laces were. I’m asking her this as she carries her mom’s iPhone all over the place. I see Hemingway, their cat with multiple toes just like the cats in Key West. Descendants of Earnest Hemingway, the writer. Writer of one of my favorites. The Old Man and the Sea.

I didn’t think she was hearing me. Lorna is a very open and talkative child, so I was surprised when she said to me. “We’re going downstairs to my bedroom.”

Now, I gotta tell ya! It’s an interesting thing to find yourself “riding” a iPhone when Facetime is on with a almost four year old controlling the reins. I try not to get dizzy but enjoying the guided tour.

At first, it isn’t clear to me why Lorna brought us downstairs. But then she brings out her book. With the title, “Tangled”.

Now realize, I try to keep up with my children, grandchildren and greats. But so much to remember. I’d vaguely heard about this movie done by Disney eleven years ago. But I hadn’t made the association with myself and my love of tangled shoe strings over 70 years ago.

Quickly I realized that Laura had been listening to me! Listening well! To what I was relating to her.

The Internet is amazing! I looked up when Disney released it. The story line. That it was a retelling of a Grimms Brothers story of Rapunzel. (I am not a very good speller and I chuckle of how good the logarithm is to guess what I’m trying to spell). I won’t bore you with how poorly I tried to spell her name.

This all began with me sitting in a chair long ago untangling knots. Which led to the King and I movie. And then the Puzzlement song. Much more to say on that later. But for now, a lighthearted window in a bit of our family life. And modern ways to keep in touch.

Annie Olson (Pink Eagle)

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