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The Apology

When I found myself on a plane on September 16 of this year going to Los Angeles for the Event at the Academy of Motion Pictures apologizing to Sacheen Littlefeather the next evening, I realized that this article needed to be written when I returned. I just didn’t know how these three days would unfold. Or who would interview me.

A friend called the Holland Sentinel after I returned and said he thought I should be interviewed. So I got a called from Austin Metz and we sat in my favorite Biggby coffee shop. For two hours Austin listened to the whole story of my journey of seeing through White and Red eyes at the same time. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to hear my words. Austin had this rare ability to allow a very safe place for me to speak.

This is the article that he wrote. A complement to the art I create.

My hope that in these troubling times, this article will offer peace. Click the pic for the full article.

By the way, I can’t help but mention what’s on CNN right now. Hurricane Ian hitting as a plus four. Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel-Captiva being hit so hard. Both barrier islands. Where I first fell in love with Gastropoda.

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