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We're Aloft!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Myself when I received my pilot's license in 1962

Last evening I kept peeking to see if my website was up and running. With my iPad. Bad choice on my part. It's 10 years old and not doing well. In computer terms, an old lady like myself. So she wasn't able to show me what my site really looked like.    I should have gone in our office and pulled up my site with the big computer. Then I would have gone to bed at ease. But I didn't.   I woke up early today and finally saw our site. On the main frame. So thankful to Robin for taking the time to listen not only to my words but to my inner person as well. To grasp the essence of my art and writing. In fact, it is she who christened the website Essence of the Spiral.    I've waited 19 years for this! To have a website that's able to frame my art and writing. Properly. An ecosystem for me to populate.

My well-worn shell book from the mid-60s

If you've read my bio, you know that I learned to fly when I was 16. Although I was unable to continue flying physically, my love of flight never left. When they speak of launching websites, most people are unaware first hand what that really means. What its like to take a small plane aloft and see the world in miniature. A different kind of spiritual experience. That is what today is like for me. My art and I, along with Robin are aloft! Seeing in miniature. The past, the present and the future. At the same time. I will be writing many blogs in the future. But this is special. This one. There have been 100's of people who have listened to me as I shared my life journey. Hearing theirs also. I didn't get to this place alone.

Most of all, the words of Black Elk woke me up in October of 1987 and helped me to see Our World in a brand new way. The Power behind these shells that seem impossible is his Great Vision of the Tree of Life blooming, with all of us like hoops, joined together to make One Holy Circle.

T-Craft - the type of plane I flew

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