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Whispering vs. Shouting

Updated: May 4, 2021

“Satire should, like a polished razor keen, wound with a touch that’s scarcely felt or seen.”

- Lady Mary W. Montagu

This morning I was cleaning up the kitchen after last nights Pho soup supper. As is my routine, I had rinsed off much of the remains in order to make my future job of washing the dishes by hand easier. Allowing the warm water to cleanse the dishes and my spirit at the same time.

After a breakfast of leftovers Phil put on CNN. This being Saturday morning, Smerconish was on. I could hear the words he spoke. I don’t recall what triggered this Awareness to surface. But it did! So I quickly wrote it down.

I’m just now rereading what I wrote. It was about restraint. Restraining ourselves.

This is what I scribbled down.

“To restrain yourself carrying a sign when you ache to do something physical, you are whispering. Going into the Capitol-you were shouting-when a person shouts-people cover their ears/their eyes-can’t see/hear but when you whisper-people strain to hear/see. Satire is whispering.”

A thought I scribbled on a pizza box years ago

I have been aware of this for a long, long time.

This is what Monty Roberts was doing with horses. Whispering to horses to gentle them, instead of breaking them.

His book on whispering to horses came out in 1996. Five years later he wrote on How to whisper to people. Using the same means.

Paul McCartney wrote Let It Be a long time ago. Mary whispers words of wisdom. She doesn’t shout. He got it.I got it. Lots of us have gotten it.

When Will Rogers was on stage doing his tricks with his rope, he found himself whispering words of wisdom. First for himself, and then for the ones watching, listening. That first time, when it happened, he was surprised. It was as if the positive vibes of the audience allowed hidden wisdom to come out of the shell of his soul for he and them the hear at the same time.

Although Will was killed in a plane crash in 1935, and I born the end of 1943, I found him to be a very special person. I grew up loving him! His words of wisdom, even as a child, comforted this shy, skinny Dutch/German girl. Here in Holland, Michigan. The very city Betsy Prince DeVos grew up in. Her grandfather, Mr. Zweip owned the garden store I loved. Because he sold baby turtles, chicks, bunnies and all sorts of aquarium fish. He sold bits of Nature that whispered peace to my spirit.

So it isn’t strange at all for me to follow in these footsteps. I hope these words whisper a bit of the wisdom

I’ve found coming through me.

Martin Luther King Jr. grasped what Gandhi was aware of.

That non violent protest is all about whispering Truth to Power.

Pink Eagle (Annie Olson)

January 9, 2021

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