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Adorable "Father Penguins" and their chicks. 

Each purchase comes with a small portion of black rocks for display as well as a certificate of authenticity and the story (see below). 


Please email for bulk options. They make great gifts!



"Relationships in nature attract me like a flower draws a bee. One of the most endearing for me is the power of parenting exhibited by the Emperor Penguin. In the midst of the Antarctic winter, mated pairs join thousands of their kind; the female lays her one lone egg and, before it touches the ground and freezes, the male takes it and secures their future offspring in his brood pouch. Warm and snug, the developing embryo grows. The mother feeding at sea, not to return until the chick is long hatched, the father near starvation. 

Their lesson speaks of the purest of love. 



- Annie Olson"

Father Penguins

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