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Stand-alone seahorse sculptures that I made years ago and have finally decided to share. They are difficult to part with but I know you will enjoy them!


Each seahorse comes with certificate of authenticity and the story (see below). 


Approximately 3” tall with base. Self-supporting with “stone” base. 


Limited quantities. Please order by color and number. 


In order:

Orange 1

Orange 2

Orange 3


Purple 1

Purple 2

Purple 3

Purple 4

Yellow 1

Yellow 2

Yellow 3


Green 1

Green 2



"My mom and I used to take nets searching the sea grass beds off Fort Myers Beach looking for dwarf seahorses which we would bring back to Michigan alive. We set up tanks and enjoyed watching all their many silent behaviors, while the sound of winter storms intruded. 


When I now form seahorses of clay I bring to the surface all those years of first-hand observation and relaxation. 


I hope you enjoy these seahorses as much as I enjoy making them. 


- Annie Olson"

Vintage Seahorses

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